Going Batty!

Feeling like Halloween just can’t come soon enough?  Looking for some extra spooktacular fun?  Make sure to come by the library Wednesday, October, 28th at 4:00pm!  Ms. Jean will be visiting with a seasonally showstopping installment of “Science Snoopers” focusing on bats!

The “Going Batty” program will lead us into the exciting and mysterious world of these creatures of the night!  This program is great for Grades K-3 but Science Snoopers of any age are welcome!

You can register for this event in person at the library, over the phone, or on our Facebook page!  https://www.facebook.com/Oxford-CT-Library-Children-and-Teens-Page-1686332128278762/

Ms. Robyn is Here!

Hello Oxford!

My name is Ms. Robyn, I am the new children’s librarian and today was my first day!  I’ve had such a wonderful time getting familiar with your spectacular library!  Tomorrow I will be attending a very special story time at 10:00am with a surprise visitor!  I hope to see and get to meet many of you there!  If you won’t be able to attend tomorrow, be sure to stop in this week and say hi!  :)

Minerals & Gems with George Zemaitis

On Monday afternoon, we had a program about minerals and gems, led by local hobbyist George Zemaitis. He brought his collection of various minerals and gems into the library for the kids to look at and handle! He brought items from the center of the Earth, outer space, and all around the world. The kids were really interested, impressed, and awed by George’s collection. They got to see up close how beautiful quartz crystals and diamonds are, among many other gems. 

The highlight of the program was when George introduced the kids to some rocks that glowed neon when exposed to ultraviolet light. It was very cool, and the kids loved it!

Here is the Mueller family posing with George and his wife, Lois. They also collect rocks!

George had a lot of interesting stuff, and he has even more in his collection at home! He frequently goes to gem shows and has even done a little mining of his own. He is very passionate and knowledgeable on the topic, and it definitely showed when he was sharing his collection with the kids.

Peabody Museum At The Library!

On Thursday, September 3rd we hosted the Peabody Museum’s Peabody on the Road program! Two volunteers from the Peabody Museum brought along their Natural History Kit, which included a lot of different fossils, specimens, and more! They had a replica of a T-Rex tooth, a tarantula encased in glass, dinosaur bone, moths, black bear fur, and a ton of other interesting items. Everything was touchable, so the kids had a fun and interactive experience. They learned a lot and asked some really great questions!

Update to September Calendar

Hello! We have some updates to the September calendar and programming. Miss Sara has accepted a job at another library, and her last day will be September 17th. Because of this, we will be canceling a majority of the programs that were scheduled after this date. The following programs are being canceled:

Friday Fun on 9/18 & 9/25
Teen Improv Night on 9/21
Music & Movement on 9/22 & 9/29
Autumn Party on 9/23
Life Size Board Game on 9/28
DIY Printed Shirts on 9/28

Please keep in mind that the LEGO Building Club, Pokemon Club, Muppet Day, and Nutmeg Book Club programs will still happen as scheduled.

I hope to see you all at some of the upcoming programs before I leave! Thanks, everyone!