Homework Help

Please note that the following websites are for children and teens at various academic levels. Parents should review websites to be sure that they will fit their child’s individual educational needs. Thank you! 

General Reference

Schmoop Homework Help
Get summaries of many educational topics: literature, mythology, music, math, science, history, and more!

American Library Association’s Great Websites For Kids
Links to informative and imaginative sites for children up to age 14. Subjects include animals, literature & languages, science, the arts, history & biography, mathematics & computers, social sciences, and reference.

Ask Kids
A children’s version of the search engine ask.com, this site helps kids search for answers to homework assignments. This site also features a video and image search and free games!


National Geographic Kids’ Creature Feature
Learn about animals from many different habitats!

National Wildlife Foundation’s Wildlife Library
Learn about a variety of wildlife species!


Stately Knowledge
Contains information about each of the United States, including state and encyclopedia links as well as lists of famous people.

CIA’s World Factbook
Learn about 267 world entities, including information on history, people, government, economy, geography, military, and more!


The Purdue OWL: Grammar

Excellent resource for writing essays! Tips on how to use the parts of speech correctly, how to cite sources, and more!


POTUS: Presidents of the United States
Learn about each of the presidents including cabinet members, political highlights, and biographical information.

Bio. True Story
Discover the life stories of fascinating people from history and today!

Empires Past
Research Ancient Egypt, China, Rome, and the Aztecs. Then, play games based on each empire!

Pegasus’ Paradise
Brief encyclopedia-style explanations of Greek mythological figures.


“An Amusement Park of Math, Games and More!” Math Help for Kids Ages 3 – 13 that is FUN! Includes lessons, practice problems, puzzles, games, geometry art, and even bonus science help!

“An Amusement Park of Math and More!” Math Help for Ages 13-100! Practice pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, and calculus! Includes fun, visually-appealing lessons, practice problems, and games!


View diagrams and read about human anatomy!

Healthy Teeth
Check out this kid-friendly oral education database!

Learn about the elements of the periodic table.

The Weather Channel Kids!
Learn all about the weather: meteorology terms, how to make a forecast, weather safety for pets, and more! Even watch a clip about hurricanes!

Volcanoes Online

Discover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about plate tectonics, types of eruptions, and more… plus, play games!

Nine Planets
Study the solar system: “one star, eight planets, and more!” Make sure to check out the interactive solar system tour!

Your Age on Other Worlds
How old are you in Jupiter years? How old would you be if you lived on Mercury? Venus? Scroll to the bottom of the page for a link to discover your weight on other worlds, too!

Science Explorer
Easy and amazing science experiments from the Exploratorium in San Francisco!


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