Book of the Day

What Was I Scared Of?

By: Dr. Seuss

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Age group: 2 – 5 years

What are you scared of? Is it spiders or snakes or maybe the dark? Everyone is scared of something. It could even be a pair of pale green pants with no one inside them, but that’s a bit silly. 🙂

If you are scared of something, you should read What Was I Scared Of?, Because it will help you to realize that you don’t have to be scared. Whatever you are scared of can’t hurt you, and it might even be just as scared as you.

Follow this Dr. Seuss character as he goes to not being scared of anything to finding something that scares him beyond anything else. It’s a funny story that will make you laugh and help you with your own fear.

Can he get rid of his fear or will he continue to run from it. What do you think he’ll do? What will happen if he lives in fear for his whole life? What will happen if you do?

If you have a fear that you wish to get rid of, let What Was I Scared Of? help you. –


Book of the Day

Spot Goes to School

by: Eric Hill

spot goes to school

Age group: 1 – 4 year

I know that you are all looking forward to the end of the school year and are getting ready for summer but this is a book that you will love all the same. I remember when I first read a book about Spot, I fell in love. Even to this day when someone asks me about my favorite childhood books, the Spot series is one of the first ones that come to mind. What other playful dog can you get to know and who loves to go to school and play with his friends as much as Spot?

In Spot Goes to School, Spot starts his first day of school and is ready for some fun. He gets to try all these new experiences when he goes to school and wants to stay at the end of the day. By reading this book, your child will be excited about their next school day.

Not only are the Spot series fun to read, but they are also interactive. Your child can lift the flaps on each page to find a hidden Spot or friends. If they weren’t excited about the book before, they will be when they get to participate in the story themselves!