Book of the Day

When I Grow Up

By: Al Yankovic

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Age group: 4-8

Do you want to be an acrobat or a snail trainer or a chef, when you grow up? Billy wants to be all these things and more! He wants to be a movie director and professional pickle inspector, or a museum curator and master debater.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Are you going to be just like Billy or do you want to design makeup?

When I Grow Up is filled with wonderful ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of in a hundred years. If your kid has a career day in school or they just love silly books this is the book for you. It will have both of you laughing in no time and give them some crazy, exciting dreams of what they want to be, such as a sign waver or tarantula shaver. You and your child will be entertained from the wacky ideas and the rhyming scheme.

Even as a teenager I think that this book is perfect. If you are trying to find the perfect book to read to your kids, this is it. If you are a parent or a teacher or a babysitter, this is a book that will get the attention of your children and let their imaginations run wild. Who knows, your kid might end up being a “sumo wrestler or hedge-fund investor.”

Whatever you will be Billy has thought of and when you pick up this book you will fall in love.