April Programs!

Changes to April Calendar:

Harry Potter Trivia will now be Wednesday April 27th at 4:00PM

The Girl Scout Program will now be Thursday April 28th at 3:45PM

I apologize for the changes!

Hello everyone!  It’s Spring, it’s Spring!  I know you’re all having a blast outside but I hope you’ll find a little time to come hang out with us 🙂 The April Program Calendar is available here and you can find some detailed descriptions of the programs below 🙂

Please note that some of the programs require prior registration so that we can get a more or less accurate idea of the materials we will need.  If you would like to sign up for a program you can sign up at the library, call us at (203) 888-6944, or e-mail Miss Robyn at rrivero@oxfordlib.org.  Hope to see you soon!!

Chess Club – Mondays in April 5:30PM

  • Make new friends, learn the game, or test new strategies.  All ages and skill levels are welcome.  This is one of our fastest growing programs so we encourage registration for this event each week to aid with partner match ups, however, drop in guests are always welcome!
    • Recommended age groups: All ages welcome!


**Infant – Preschool Play Group– Thursdays at 9:30AM

  • A perfect opportunity to meet families in the area! Different books, puzzles, and music will be displayed for families to explore and check out!
    • Registration is strongly encouraged. Recommended age groups: 6mos – 3years.


**All Ages  Play Group – Fridays at 10:00AM

  • Kick off your weekend with some fun! We will have books, games, and puzzles in the kids section.  Come by, meet other familes, and have a great time!
    • Registration is strongly encouraged.


 Junior Friends of the Library Planning Meeting – Monday April 4th at 6:00PM and Tuesday April 5th at 4:15PM

  • The Junior Friends group plays an active role in planning programs, fundraisers, and making the library a better place! During April’s meetings we will be working on our upcoming fundraisers! We’ll be creating signs for our upcoming bottle and can drive as well as making some bracelets to raise money to sponsor programs for our Summer Reading Program!
    • Registration for this program is required.Recommended Age Group: 8 – 18


April Showers Story Time – Tuesday April 5th 10:00AM

  • Stories about the fun of rainy days!
    • All ages!


 Show and Tell Story Time – Wednesday March 6th  10:00AM

  • Come join us for story time with a twist! We invite you to bring a favorite toy or special item from home to talk about with our friends! This program is walk-in welcome and fun for every age!





**Kooky Chemistry – Wednesday April 6th 4:15PM

  • We will be making slime! We will learn about and observe the way different chemicals react, or don’t, with each other unless they are combined just the right way!
    • Registration required. Grades K-3


**Harry Potter Trivia – Thursday April 7th 6:30PM

  • Come test your knowledge about Hogwarts, the wizarding world, and the Boy Who Lived!
    • Registration required. Grades 3-6


**Sci Fri Short Story Chat – Friday April 8th 3:45PM – 4:30PM

  • Do you love Science Fiction? So do I!  If you’re into the genre or just looking for an interesting read, come join us to talk about some classic Sci Fi short stories!  If you would like to join, please sign up and ask Miss Robyn for a copy of the stories!
    • Registraion required. Grades 7-12


D.E.A.R Read-In – Monday April 11th 6:00PM – 8:00PM

  • In honor of “Drop Everything and Read” month, we will be hosting a 2 hour all ages “read-in!” Bring a book or borrow one, stay for a little or a lot, but be sure to make time, even for a moment,  to drop everything and read!
    • Registration encouraged. All ages (adults, too!)


Musical Mornings – Tuesday April 12th 10:00AM

  • Join us for a morning of music! We will be exploring instruments, dancing, sing alongs, finger plays, and more!  The program runs 30 minutes long and is fun for children of any age!
    • Recommended age groups: All ages welcome!


**Infant/Toddler Play Group-Tuesday April 12th 2:00PM & Tuesday April 26th 2:00PM

  • Learn, laugh, and play with other friends in your special age group! Perfect for Infants to Two Year Olds.
    • Registration is required. Ages 6mos – 2y/o


**D.E.AR. Favorite Author – Tuesday April 12th 4:15PM

  • What better time to reach out to our favorite authors than during “Drop Everything and Read” month?! We invite you to join us to write letters to your favorite author which Miss Robyn will send out at the end of the program!
    • Registration is required. Grades 3-6


Clouds and Rainbows Storytime! – Wednesday April 13th 10:00AM

  • A story time and craft program all about rainbows and clouds!
    • All ages!



**Author Visit! Jessica Haight & Stephanie Robinson – Thursday April 14th 5:00PM

  • The authors of the book The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow will be visiting! They will be discussing the inspiration and process of writing a book and share tips and answer questions!  The book has a 780 lexile reading level and is suggested for readers 10 and up.  However, aspiring writers of any age would enjoy this program!
    • Registration required.


**Open Mic Night – Thursday April 14th 6:45PM

  • Come share your writing, songs, or anything else you can think of! This is a supportive and positive environment to show off all of the things that make you awesome!
    • Registration required. Grades 7-12 


** Kids Zumba – Monday April 18th 3:00PM

  • Miss Tracy is a Zumba instructor right here in Connecticut! She will be visiting the library to host a fun and energetic Zumba class just for kids!  Zumba helps develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of children’s lives by making fitness fun. Classes incorporate key childhood development elements like leadership, respect, team work, confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity, coordination, cultural awareness.
    • Registration is required. Grades K-5



 Show and Tell Story Time – Tuesday April 19th   10:00AM

  • Come join us for story time with a twist! We invite you to bring a favorite toy or special item from home to talk about with our friends! This program is walk-in welcome and fun for every age!


**Sensational Science – Tuesday April 19th 2:00PM

  • We will be taking a look into all five senses and how we use them every day!
    • Registration is required. Grades K-3


Musical Mornings – Wednesday April 20th  10:00AM

  • Join us for a morning of music! We will be exploring instruments, dancing, sing alongs, finger plays, and more!  The program runs 30 minutes long and is fun for children of any age!
    • Recommended age groups: All ages welcome!


**Big Kid Story Time – Wednesday April 20th 2:00PM

  • You’re never too old to come relax and listen to some laugh out loud funny stories! We will be having snacks and making a craft too!
    • Registration required. Grades K-5


Girl Scout Hosted Program – Thursday April 21st 3:45PM

  • One of our local Girl Scout Troops is working toward their Bronze Award! They will be hosting their own programs the third Thursday of each month from 3:45PM to 5:15PM.  Stop by to see what fun activities they have in store and to support them as they work toward their Bronze Award!
    • All ages welcome!


**Pokemon Club – Thursday April 21st   4:15PM

  • Bring your cards, bring your friends!  Play against opponents and try to catch ’em all!
    • Registration for this program is required. All Ages!


** Earth Day Story Time – Friday April 22nd 1:00PM

  • Come enjoy stories and crafts celebrating our planet! We will be learning about the different animals, plants, and environments that all call Earth “home!”
    • Registration is strongly encouraged. All ages!


** Bedtime Stories and PJ Party!  Monday April 25th 6:45PM

  • We will be winding down in the evening with some stories about bed time! Jump in your pajamas and join us! (Milk and cookies included of course!)
    • Registration is required. All ages!


Garden Story Time – Tuesday April 26th 10:00AM

  • Come learn about plants and seeds with a special craft to take home!
    • All ages!


** ”No-Tech Coding” Code a Friend! – Tuesday April 26th 4:15PM

  • We will be learning about the basic ideas of computer programming by “programming” our friends! We’ll learn how code is structured and executed to make computer functions work!
    • Registration is required. Grades 4-6


Music and Stories – Wednesday April 27th 10:00AM

  • A fun combination of Musical Mornings and story time! We will not  be sitting still!
    • All ages






**Poetry Slam – Thursday April 28th 6:45PM

  • April 28th is “Great Poetry Day!” Come share your great poetry with other poetry lovers!  Not a writer?  Feel free to share your favorite poems written by an author!
    • Registration required. Grades 8-12


** Teen Trivia – Friday April 29th 3:45PM – 4:30PM

  • Are you a pro at knowing unique facts? Do people often ask, “How did you know that?!”  Come to Teen Trivia and test your knowledge!
    • Registration required. Grades 7-12