Police at the Library!

No, they weren’t here to arrest anyone for having too many library fines. We hosted a K9 police demo on the lawn of the library for the kids and their families to watch! They were able to meet some real life heroes (both human and animal!) in keeping with the hero theme of our summer reading program.

Officer Montanez & Kai

Kai the police dog!


Officer Loomer & Koda

Officer Montanez of the Norwalk Police Department and Officer Loomer of the Westport Police Department each brought their canine companions along with them for the demo. Officer Montanez brought Kai, a German Shepherd and Officer Loomer brought Koda, a Belgian Malinois. They spoke about the different duties that the dogs have and theĀ training that the dogs have to undergo in order to be a police dog. The officers demonstrated how well the dogs listen to commands, both verbal and nonverbal. They even did a mock police chase where one of the dogs took down one of the officers (dressed in a protective suit) who was playing the bad guy.




The kids and parents all had a wonderful time! The demonstration was very informative and interesting, and the officers were both very kind and great with the kids. A big thank you to Officers Montanez and Loomer, Kai, Koda, and both the Norwalk and Westport Police Departments!


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